5 Do’s and Don’ts For 2017 Valentine’s Day

If you have a plan to ask a girl out for a date this 2017 Valentines Day or you have a date to take for the day, then these are some of the tips you might want to read before taking them out on a date this 2017 valentines day.

5 Do’s for this 2017 Valentines Day

1. Get her some beautiful gift, a nice dress or may be a beautiful ring.

2017 Valentine's Day
beautiful rings as a valentine gift

2. You can make your own hand made 2017 valentines day card that will make her feel special.

2017 Valentine's Day
own handmade 2017 valentines day card

3. Turn off your electronic devices or may be just silent them as they might ruin the moment.

2017 Valentine's Day
make sure that all your electronic gadgets are on silent mode

4. Write her a short love letter. Hand written love letters are cute and adorable and is a great way to express your love and feeling towards your date.

2017 Valentine's Day
Love letter

5. Remember Romance, Valentines day is all about romance, make sure you remember to make her feel comfortable and special on the special day.

2017 Valentine's Day
make her day awesome

5 Don’ts for this 2017 Valentines Day

1. Do not buy her a cheap over rated 2017 valentines day card. This is what is likely to creep her out.

2017 Valentine's Day


2. Don’t give the same gift you gave her last year!

2017 Valentine's Day
Don’t repeat same gifts again and again.


3. Don’t forget to set a reminder for the venue, date and time. This is once in a lifetime moment.

2017 Valentine's Day


4. Do not write cheap poetry on the love letter, make sure it should be original and short.

2017 Valentine's Day
Don’t write cheap poem or poetry


5. Do not make yourself seems desperate, make sure to be cozy and easy at situations. Let her decide the plan and do not force your plans on her.

2017 Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, but make sure you pass the day in the best way possible and make the best out of the moment. Don’t forget to gather the beautiful memories you made on the special day with your special someone.