7 Tips for Taking Care of Men's Hair

Getting shiny and fluffy hair is always one of the dreams of men, It is a never ending desire for men of every age. But healthy and fluffy hair comes with care. Some men naturally have great air while others struggle to get them at any cost. You can nurture your hair by using external stuff as well as with a healthy diet. Here are the list of 7 Tips for your hair ( men’s hair ).

1. Maintain Healthy diet : Your Hair, your skin and everything has a direct connection with what you eat. Taking care of your diet can help you improve your hair quality.

7 Tips for Taking Care of Mens Hair

2. In take of Proteins : Proteins are responsible for hair growth and prevents the risk of splitting ends of hair. Increasing protein in your diet directly impacts the health of your hair. Adding Milk, Paneer, Curd, Oils in your diet can act as the major source of protein.

7 Tips for Taking Care of Men's Hair

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