A Brief History of Cloud Computing

Back in the 1950‘s mainframe computer’s were huge in size and almost occupied fill rooms due to which it was impossible for many organization to afford a mainframe for each user. The solution was time sharing , where resources were shared between user’s to access data. Thus time sharing was the premise of cloud computing.

In 1969, in this phase ARPANET was discovered which is also known as the first internet. J.C.R Licklider developed the ARPANET ( The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ). His aim was to interconnect everyone on this globe via network so that everyone can share or access data from any where.


In 1970, IBM released an operating system known as Virtual Machine that allowed admins to have multiple virtual system’s on a single physical node.

virtual machine

In 1990‘s , telecommunication companies started offering virtual private n/w connection’s. Thus, making it possible to access and sharing data over internet and host sites.

In 1997, the term cloud computing is coined by a professor at university of Texas.

amazon aws

In 2002, amazon created Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), an advanced system of cloud computing and syetm from storage to hosting to computation.

amazon ec2

In 2006, amazon created Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) , this allows small business owner’s to host their site’s or run their application’s as rental service.

Windows Azure

In 2009, following the trend Google and Microsoft also entered the field and Google introduced it’s own cloud service at effective pricing and Microsoft introduced Windows Azure .