About Google Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP )

Google’s latest update is Accelerated Mobile Pages in short commonly known as AMP. The main goal of AMP is to provide a great user experience across contents across mobile devices.

Google AMP aims to load websites pages in front of the user’s with milliseconds load time. AMP is divided into three categories for a perfectly AMP page.

The very first is the AMP HTML. Webmasters needs to replace some common HTML codes with AMP HTML code.

For the digital publishers out there in the market, Google AMP will surely help them to boost their revenue well. As now, advertisers are continuously looking for the site’s whose load time are good and are 100 % mobile friendly.

The sole purpose of AMP project is to make web better for all mainly the consumers who surf’s the Internet on daily basis to consume content. An experiment showed that 90 % users are likely to leave a website if it loads slowly or greater than 5 second.

Another important feature of AMP is that it will give your site a positive Search Engine Optimization Boost and will in turn you will get a good page rank. AMP project also aims to improve websites page speed insights or in short known as P.S.I

AMP is already being implemented and used by numerous webmasters and brands around the world.  To create your first AMP page you need the following things :-

  • Create your basic AMP HTML page.
  • Include an image from its source, smushing is atomatically done by the AMP server.
  • Modify your CSS layour and looks of your AMP web page.
  • Preview all necessary steps and java scripts and validate.
  • Pre-check all things before publishing.
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