donates $30 million

Google.Org is donating $30 million to non-earnings this holiday in order that they are able to purchase any tech and related offerings that they want including hardware, program, training and IT maintenance or repair services.

Reports leaked that Google had donated money

Previous this month, reports leaked that Google had donated money earmarked for employees’ Christmas gifts to charity alternatively this yr.

It’s authentic that the manufacturer made charitable donations on behalf of employees as their vacation gift for 2016, instead than ship them items.

image source- Google

However one factor that was no longer true in the prior studies, and which painted Google in a certainly dangerous gentle— the corporation isn’t simply donating to charities that will buy Google merchandise most effective. That will well-nigh send donated money proper again to the manufacturer and wouldn’t precisely be seen as selfless.

As an alternative, the charitable offers are going to aid anything tech needs the nonprofit recipients determine on their possess. No strings attached in that sense.