” My Angel Sister “

The best thing about having a sister was that , “ I always had a friend ” . Having a sister doesn’t always mean that we both should grow equally under one roof or by having a blood relationship. Sometimes, it doesn’t really require to be under one roof or have a blood relationship. Sister can emerge from no where all that matters is ; who can be a part of family; above all one best friend who will support you no matter whatever bad circumstance you may face .

Today I am gonna share my own story about a sister of mine. We both don’t have blood relationship neither we both share same roof. But our brother-sister relationship is more like an ordinary best friend who cares about each other in every way possible.

Here goes my story . . .

So generally speaking I am a single child of my mother and father and the shocking part. I don’t have a single sister in my entire family tree. Throughout my life, I always wanted a sister. But my dream one day got fulfilled when I met a girl named Meha. 

It was 16th of August 2013, my first day in my college. Though throughout my entire life I always looked up to every single girl I came across as a friend. But I still don’t know what was my connection with this girl named Meha.

Every time I used to look at her, I used to feel so secure and safe. And she is the only one with whom I can share all my feelings and stuffs.

In every single circumstance where I faced issue or facing any downs in my life. She is the one who always supported me in every way possible. I owe her a lot which probably I can never clear off. But all that I can say is that she is the only one who smiled with every bit of my success. And yet again she is the one who supported me in every bit of my down fall’s.

Though sometimes we both have little bit fights. But we end up patching soon. Our college is at end. But I will pray that our brother – sister relationship will remain alive forever.

This is the most beautiful sister on this planet which I have ever got and probably God’s greatest gift to me. May she fulfill all her dreams and attain eternal success in forth coming days.

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