How Cloud Computing Was Invented ! Origin of Cloud Computing

The Internet has its main achievement’s in the 1960s, by 1990’s it did not had any association’s. The World Wide Web came into existence in 1991, and in 1993 a web program called Mosaic was discharged that permitted clients to view website pages that included representation and other message’s.

As internet got faster and more better and more reliable another association called an Application Service Provider or ASP started to appear. ASP than took over the digital market and gained enormous customer’s. The ASP’s use to buy the hardware’s necessary for running the application’s and site’s over the internet and users used to pay month by month basis, as per their usage terms to get their site hosted over the internet.

By the end of 1990’s an association displayed its own multi occupant application which was especially arranged :

1. to keep the user’s application’s and site running “in the cloud”;

2. to be hosted over the internet from simple local host web program;

3. to be utilized by a wide variety of customers or visitors without effecting the site’s run time.

From than cloud eventually began to flourish the digital internet market and captured the market rapidly. In the year 2013, cloud already took 47 billion $ in asset of customer’s. It has been predicted that by the year 2017 mid’s nearly 108 billion $ in asset of customer’s will prevail in the cloud industry.