What is Private Cloud Computing ?

Just like the dedicated servers and the shared hosting. There too exist’s private cloud for individual business organization’s and firm’s to meet their respective need’s and requirement’s from the cloud server. A private cloud is completely dedicated to an single individual organization.

Certain big organization’s may be requiring highly secured data and they don’t want it to be on a shared virtual hub along with other existing server’s. Than private cloud comes into play. various IT industry can choose their own private cloud. This will also help to design and work their respective cloud as per their own requirements and necessities. New features or server specifications can me made by a coder on the private cloud as per the industries requirements.

Examples of associations:

SaaS: Web Application inside, SharePoint, Internal Mail Server, Database Server for internal purposes.

PaaS: Operating System + Web Server + Framework + Database for within the organization uses.

IaaS: Virtual Machine that can be designed as per requirement’s.

Advantage :

  1. Information security is guaranteed as within the private cloud only that particular It firm’s data is managed.

2. Save from collision’s with data’s from other network’s outside the community.

3. The business strategy or approach is not hampered in any way. As leakage is ensured so that no data leaks can pursue even via the database administrator as in the private cloud only individual administrators with granted rights of the organization can access.

Disadvantage :

  1. Expensive setup, as in a private cloud one need’s to set up a whole new framework from scratch as per the organization’s terms and condition’d and usage.

2. Separate database admins needs to be hired as private cloud need’s to be re designed and made to work as per the organization’s guidelines.

3. New software updates can be automatically done as in the private cloud the design is completely arbitrary as per the organizations guidelines. So the coder needs to update the software frequently via huge line’s of code’s to ensure smooth functionality.