The U.S. Navy started drone boat Swarms use to keep Harbors Safe

Yes it’s True U.S. Navy started drone boat swarms use to keep harbors safe

Remotely programmed boats that swarm to their objective just got closer to being a future warfighting reality.
In a recent demonstration that took location in the lower Chesapeake Bay, a swarm of inflexible-hull inflatable boats, or RHIBs, and different small boats had been takes with performing patrol missions autonomously, with remote human course but no direct supervision, in line with a news release from the team of Naval research.

In the course of the demonstration, officials highlighted new capabilities that allow multiple boats to collaborate and tackle duties together.

tracking boats

as good as elements that additional strengthen the boats’ behaviors and tactics.

The swarm of surface boats were allowed to patrol a giant subject of open water, in line with the release.

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